Småland Experience! We offer nature activities and the Swedish way of outdoor life.

Wildernest 360°

Want to experience water, earth, fire and air in the nature of Småland? We will customize a personal tour to your preferences and needs - paddling, hiking, open fire cooking and sleeping high up in the air with our tree tents or hammocks.

A few hours or several days? On your own your with your personal guide? Luxury or basic? One element or all four of them? In cooporation with our partners we can offer you a variety of activities.

...real Småland, Wildernest coziness, 360°.

Hike & Taste

Hike on the Småland trail and experience local food out in the nature!

During the hike we will serve a menu with local specialities from the region around Gränna. Served in the beautiful nature of nothern Småland.

Outdoor - the swedish way!

Perfect for families or couples that want to experience the swedish way of "Outdoor Life". 

Hike with us to one of our favorite spots in the natur and prepare a meal on the campfire. Typical swedish fika, lunch or dinner - you choose.

Tree tent hike

Hike on your own on the Småland trail and sleep a night in a tree tent or hammock.

Enjoy the hike with light packing - we take care of the rest.  After the first stage, equipment and ingridients for an outdoor dinner will be waiting for you at the overnight place.  

Welcome home - meet the locals

Curious about swedish family life? We warmly welcome you to our home in Örserum. We will spend half a day together and you will be part of our very personal daily adventure - family :-)

About us

A swedish-german couple from Örserum, in the north of Småland. We love nature and would like to share some of our favorite places and activites with you. We speak Swedish, English and German.
Maria & Tobias

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