Experience Smålands nature

We offer outdoor life with a mix of adventure and swedish coziness.

Where nature is your home!


Culinary hike in Småland

Hike through Smålands forest and experience local food out in the nature!

During the hike we will serve a menu with local specialities from the region around Gränna.

Hike & Taste

Outdoor dinner

Join us for a cozy evening at the campfire.

We will set up a campfire and cook a 3-course dinner with regional ingredients.

Outdoor dinner

Wildernest hike

This hike combines everything that Wildernest is all about - nature, coziness, adventure and Småland!

Join us on this hike to a hidden place in the forest where we will built a 'nest' with our hammocks and enjoy an outdoor meal with specialities from Sweden and Småland.

Guided hike


Embark on a thrilling teambuilding adventure with our Dragonboat experience! Paddle in harmony, feel the rush of synchronized strokes, and build unity like never before.

Whether you're a corporate team or a group of friends, our dragonboat experience promises an exhilarating blend of teamwork and fun.

Unleash the Dragon!


We (a family with two boys) had an absolutely nice evening with Tobias. The outdoor dinner was perfectly organized at a nice area in the forest. Tobias explained a lot about the area and life in Sweden in general. Thanks for this great time in the nature.


The Culinary Hike is a great concept. Thanks for good guiding and beautiful places in the closeby nature.


We did the Wildernest hike together with Tobias. We had an amazing time, did a nice walk and tasted some great local and self-made food!


So beautiful nature, wonderful hiking and then the dining experience on it! It was an outstanding event!


I asked for a hike in true nature, with hills, typical swedish landscape and typical food... and we got even more than that!



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