Wildernest 360°

Experience the Elements water, earth, fire and air in the nature of Småland. Personal and customized to your preferences - real Småland, Wildernest coziness, 360°.

A few examples below which kind of activities we can set up with our partners. Price on request, depending on group size and availability.

Example 1

- Morning: Self-guided kayaktour on the lake system Bunn / Ören and the mystical channel through the forest.

- Midday: Lunch at Hotel Smålandsgården and a refreshing swim in the lake.

- Afternoon: Guided hike on the Småland trail

- Evening: Cook your own outdoor dinner with local ingredients

- Night: Float away in the tree tent 

Example 2

- During the day: We will pack you a backpack with a inflatable SUP board and a lunchbag with local specialities. All packed you will get out on a self-guided hike through the nature reserve all the way to lake Ören. Enjoy the place while paddeling and swimming before you hike back to the parking lot for pick up.

- Evening: Cook your own outdoor dinner on the camp fire.

- Night: Swing a away into the night in a sleeping hammock.

Example 3

3 Days / 4 elements roundtrip through Småland (approx 50 km total distance) 

Day 1: Transport to the starting point. 15 km hike on the Småland trail. Spend the night in a tree tent next to the trail.

Day 2: Continue on the trail until you reach the lake. Board a kayak and paddle for around 15 km through the lakes Ören and Bunn. Short hike to find an overnight place next to to trail. Spend the night in a sleeping hammock.

Tag 3: Continue on the trail until you reach the starting point again after ca 15 km. Transport back and finish with wood fired floating sauna and hot tub at Smålandsgården.

Gear and services that we can offer

  • Kayak
  • SUP board
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag / mat
  • Tree tent
  • Sleeping hammock
  • Tent
  • Outdoor cooking equipment and cutlery
  • Readymade food packages or ingredients & recipes for do it yourself
  • Maps
  • Floating Sauna and hot tub
  • Transportation
  • english / swedish / german speaking guide
Booking request

Wildernest booking conditions and data policy here.