Outdoor Dinner

You depart on a easy hike (ca. 30 min) through typical Småland landscape. Preparations for the dinner will already start during the hike by collecting firewood and tinder from the nature. At the resting area, we will chop wood and you will learn how to start a campfire without using matches or lighters. Or if you prefer to take it easy you can also get a rest in the hammock.

You will then get actively involved in cooking a 2-course outdoor dinner. We will prepare the ingredients and cook everything over the open fire. The dinner will contain a main dish and a desert. Relaxed and with new energy you will walk back to the starting point.

We offer our Outdoor Dinner in two different variants.


Self guided hike with map, 2-course dinner, non-alcoholic beverage and coffee.

Pris: 400 SEK/person , min 2.000 SEK/tour

Tid: 3 hours


Guided hike, 2-course dinner, non-alcoholic beverage and coffee.

Pris: 500 SEK/person , min 2.500 SEK/tour

Tid: 3,5 hours 

Or our Airbnb offer for smaller groups/singles. On Airbnb tours you might be joined by other participants.

Starting point around Jönköping, Huskvarna, Gränna, Mullsjö or Nässjö. All prices incl. VAT. Valid from 20.03.2019. Changes and mistakes reserved.